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Hi all,


went on a working together course for managers today all about ways of communicating with staff. A few things came up like suggestion boxes, a communication policy and conflict policy...must be about the only policies in the world i havnt got, does anyone have these!!!!!!! :D:D:o


...by the way Maz where were you?????? xD

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I have a communication system for complaints, comments and praise , A red post box, next to it are comment slips and a pen . It has been available to staff and parents for 4 years, in all that time I have had only one comment in it :o ( Tom never seems to do painting).

It goes in the cupboard every night and comes out again every day. I have placed it in different areas of the setting in the hope that it will be seen and used xD

Still they do say "No news is good news"



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...by the way Maz where were you?????? :o


Oh no Hali! Yet another training course I couldn't get on! Went to the Network Meeting today - complained again to the PTB (powers that be) about not being able to get on training. Apparently there's going to be observation training next term.


We don't have a suggestion box or anything like it: our parents seem more than willing to share with us their ideas or raise problems....



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