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First Proper Day Of New Job And I Am Sick


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Hi all,


well this is not good, I was due to start my new job today but have been sick all weekend and feel rotten now..... think it is a stomach flu or something, have completely lost my voice, sickness and ache from head to toe. i sense that work are going to be less than impressed. Hubby had to ring because of the no voice situation. I am going to attempt to get into my dr but i doubt they can do anything..... i think its a case of rest (and stress as i know this does not look good for the new job!). .............. damm, so annoyed....... anyway off to bed to be annoyed there :o



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Hi Dawn



I must have missed you getting the new job too - belated congratulations.



If it makes you feel any better I overslept on my second day of a new job two years ago (as manager) - guess I was just so tired after working so hard to get things ready for the first day back.


You will make up for it when you are well - there are so many bugs going around at the moment. Meanwhile get better first!



Hope you'll soon be fit and well.

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It's just one of things that cant be helped. Its also known as 'sods law'.

Worrying about it wont make you get better any quicker. Why not phone them in a day or two to tell them how sorry you are it had to happen now and have a bit of a maon about the timing.

I worked for two years without one day sick and the second week with the agency I had two weeks off with flu. I was convinced they must have thought I'd lied on the application and i think thats worse than what they are probably really thinking.

Hope you feel better soon :o

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