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Ok guys I'm running holiday club and I need some games suitable for children aged between 3-11 (could be anywhere between 4 and 20 involved) that have a Hallowe'en theme and don't involve much prep or cost...


So far I have:


Pass the pumpkin - hollow out pumpkin (or use one of those pumpkin shaped buckets) and fill with cooked spaghetti (or shredded paper) and treats!


Mummy race. Teams race to wrap one member in toilet paper. First one to finish the roll wins!


Pin the ... on the ... (nose/witch fangs/vampire etc)


Hallowe'en Bingo


Sleeping Vampires


ANy more ideas pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

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Halloween Treasure Hunt

The aim of halloween treasure hunt is to find all of the hidden halloween items that are on a halloween treasure list. This can be played indoor and outdoor or both. The winner is the person who finds all of the items on the treasure list.


You will need to create a halloween treasure list, and make some clues that can direct the players from one piece of treasure to the next.


You will also need halloween items for this, things such as plastic bats, small skulls etc can all be purchased at the pound shop. You can also buy cheap bags of halloween themed sweets to add to the game.


and try here

halloween games by age

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Thanks Inge - I posted the same question on a parent's forum I'm on and got some 'interesting' suggestions that I couldn't use!!


My favourite was to suspend doughnuts, apples and soap (yes, SOAP) from the ceiling on strings so they are at mouth height for the children. Blindfold the child and then they walk forward and bite whatever they get to first :o


If anyone else has come here for ideas xD here's what else they offered...


Pass the story (each player adds a word or sentence. If sentence they leave the last word off)


Pass the pumpkin - fill a hollowed out pumpkin or seasonal bucket with cooked spaghetti and hide treats in it. Play like pass the parcel but when the music stops the one with the pumpkin has to fish around in the spaghetti for a prize! I went shopping today and bought some lime jelly as well and am going to put bags of sweets in jelly under the spaghetti!


Traditional apple bobbing in a bowl of water


Flap the bat - each child/team has a paper bat and a rolled up newspaper and they flap the bat to the end of the room - a race


Beetle - use a skeleton or spider instead if you wish

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We went to a party where the person running it told a story. she used props which they had to feel for the dead mummys parts they found. spaghetti for his brains, grapes for his eyes, tomatoe ketchup for his blood, cereal for his teeth etc. Might be a bit scary for little ones my daughter was 6.


wrapping in toilet roll is fun.



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