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Hi Folks,


Is the current National Curriculum stiil available or is it about to undergo a rejig/reprint? And is it the same thing as the Primary Strategies? Is it possible to get a hard copy rather than having to download it?

And....I know APP stands for Assessing Pupil progress but is there a document I can get that explains all about it and if so, where from?


Just thinking about dipping my toes into KS1 after EYFS.


Many thanks.

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Hi edlee, sorry missed your first post.


You can have a look here for info about KS1 and 2 curriculum, as well as APP (look under assessment).


As far as I know, the review of the primary curriculum is still underway, so we use what we have now until we have something new in place.


I hope that helps and no is only downlodable now, but schools should have many copies.

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