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Letters And Sounds Open Evening


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Hey everyone


I am creating a letters and sounds opening evening next term and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. We plan to explain phonics to the parents for Rec to year 3 so all the stages of letters and sounds will need to be covered.


I have made a presentation for it but want to make it more fun and interesting.....what games etc do you think they may join in with without feeling silly lol...if any?


Also I obv do not know yet how many people will turn up and could have a hall full.


I have tried to find an online video where the phonemes are pronounced correctly but have not had much luck, anyone know of any?


I am new to the school and have other teachers to help but just want to make it a success as we are a school in an awkward position with some results and our parents are a willing bunch. I want them to go home feeling vitalised and full of ideas to help their children succeed.


Thanks guys



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Hi I use educaton city.com a lot for teaching phonics so you could show them something on there-it is something you have to pay for but they always have a free trial for a month before you buy. I showed the a few games on there but there are free games on the internet that you could also look at www.phonicgames.co.uk and they could use the same with their children at home. Have you looked at youtube for correct sounds pronunciation, I also remember on my initial phonics training of letters and sounds that we were shown a video with someone vioicing the sounds and were told there was a copy in the letters and sounds pack (there is but I've never watched it so don't know if it's the same one)


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hopefully this link will work to the phonemes clip!

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I am thinking I might produce a some booklets a listening games one, a blending one and a segmenting one which will hold explanations and games etc in them.


Just feeling a bit argh about the workload ahead!!

Oh yeh I forgot about the cd in the pack lol....whoops!!!



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I am also having a Letter and Sounds open evening. I have found a Letters and Sound powerpoint but I do not know how I can send it to you.


I could send it to you as an attachment but would need an e-mail address.


Also try Early years essential website I have found a complete programme already to go for Phase 2 for parents you will need to purchase it and it will be sent via e-mail.


I have just had ago at uploading but not sure if i have done it correctly. Let me know and I will try again


I hope this will be of use to you.





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