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Hi everyone,

I am getting myself in a real pickle over 'next steps' argggggg!

Currently, we do a long observation of 2 of our key children per week, assess and plan next steps for in the following week. The next steps are based on the long obs plus other observations collected. However, we usually just plan 1 or 2 things for each child. So this happens 6 times per year, and also means that the children don't necessarily get a balance of 'next step' across the areas of learning.

SOOOOO, I'm wondering whether we need to change our system a little bit so that we plan next steps more frequently and more balanced across the curriculum? Or do you just plan for the most important 'next step' for that child regardless of whether it's always one area or even one aspect?

Does anyone plan specific next steps for EVERY observation - sponteous, participant or long?

I know this has been a thread that has come up so many times so I apologise for yet again bringing it up!


Green Hippo x

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hi when children first start we observe them in all areas to see where they are -we use thes observations to decide where the chldren are in each area and work out their next steps.

keypersons use these next steps to plan small group activities, which take place every day (5-10 mins) and the children are supported or extended as appropriate with notes being made on each child.

we try to cover one area of learning per week pse then cll etc so allareas are covered - we then start again with pse etc

we do one 5 min observation per half term - this observation would cover a next step eg child painting - talking about and mixing colours ( next step would have been explores what happens when they mix colours)

hope that makes sense - we only write notes /observations based on childs next steps although obviously we would note anything we thought specific to check.

we update next steps when appropriate /completed - moving the child onto the next one etc

hope that makes sense x

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