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Diploma In Pre-school Practice


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Hello Everyone,


For those who have studied the DPP course, did you have to purchase any sepearte set books?


in the course guide book of the DPP on page 23 it says that some publications are recommended reading for the course


the complete guide to pre-school policies

accident prevention & first aid

risk management i early years setting

parental stake i pre-school education

adults learning i pre-school


and the list goes on..


just dont have the energy to type it all up now.


could some one please tell me whether this is important to do? and where you got hold of the publications.


i checked on the pre-school website and you have to pay them, they are not free :o


Also has anyone got the diploma in pre-school practice book by Penny Tassoni, published in 2006

i am interested in buying it.


please let me know





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I did my DPP many moons ago through college where there was a library so we could borrow books. I did end up buying some because I found I was using them so much I couldnt function without them.


I would however suggest having a peek if you can before you buy any this is because some of the suggested books at that time I found tedious and hard going whereas others I really enjoyed (hence the purchases)....Waterstones often have a section which is well stocked and you can have a peek and look see for info without having to commit to buy. Also dotn forget your local library...ours have an online catalogue now so you can search, request and reserve books.


good luck best thing I ever did!

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Has this course not been replaced with CWDC level 3 or something?





i have registered onto this course through NEC. On their website it says:


This popular and flexible course has been revised to meet the new standards




thanks for the replies :)


im looking into buying the books.





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