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70% Boys In The Class

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Hi all

I am at my wits end with this class. 70% are boys and in a shared area with another class, who are also 70% boys.

Massively hard to engage, especially outdoors where play quickly turns into fighting.

Has anyone got any tried and tested outdoor activities that will get these boys focussed but doing all the physical stuff that they so desperately need?

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My old setting currently has all boys except for two girls who only attend two days a week so I can sympathise. The best things we have done and I am supporting the staff to still do, is to spend lots of time modelling play and actively supporting the boys in their play. Now for this setting it is isn't too bad due to the numbers of staff but I'm guessing that in a school this might not be as easy. However by doing this and sensitively intervening and extending play through challenges linked to the boys' interests, they now have a group of children who can play well together, remind each other of the rules and, on the whole, are able to manage their own play and learning. It is a real pleasure to see them together and much quieter than you might expect, but it does take time and committment from the adults.

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I had lots of very active boys last year and the sorts of things that I got hold of to play outside was planks of wood and empty electrical cable wheels, plastic tubing for sending water/marbles down, cardboard boxes, milk crates and tyres. I pretty much put out a selection of things and let them get on with what they wanted to play and then planned from their interests. I also had a very successful term doing a superhero theme and in my outside area I had lots of physical challenges to get my superheroes fit and ready for action. Focusing on the superhero theme really helped them with being kind to each other and helping people and this led into looking at the real heroes in our society (people who help us)


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