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Does anyone do playdough gym in nursery...?? Developing fine motor skills through music, using playdough?


If so tell me more?


If not please could you give me some inspirational ideas to develop fine motor skills.....the children loved the bubble wrap i put out the other day....but i need more fabulous table top ideas......other than threadin



Thank you



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sounds interesting but sorry havent heard of it before xD

We put out big plastic pegs and a big paper plate each we use a sand timer and then they see how many pegs they can put around the plate in 2 mins They have a set of same colour pegs or are allocated a colour they have to selct from the middle. Excellent for counting, more or less concept sorting recognising colour aas well as fine motor skills! :o Also have you ever watched the concentration and skill as they use their pincer movement needed for a young child to peel off a sticker? we always have them in the graphics area.


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Took a while to find it but I knew I had read something similar.


Dough Disco is a previous thread about this, not very long but may help...


we had the pegs and had some plastic Ikea plates to use with them... they used them in many ways, some used to match the colours, others we had made a face using pegs as hair, another child made it into a cat by using pegs as whiskers... lots of imagination as well as fine motor control.


tweezers and pom poms or peas or just something to move into a pot using them... we had different sizes and kinds of tweezers, some were really big found them in the Adsa cooking dept, cooking tongs, they went down in size from that, toaster tongs were a good size to use... small plastic tweezers we were given by a parent doctor but think you can buy them .. the items were anything and everything we could think of to keep it interesting... had one child spend 30 minutes separating different coloured rice into pots... they did rather well too, but that was the most difficult example... craft soft pom poms were really easy to move around.found them ion the pound shop... nothing cost much but it was constantly used.. can also use them to do a craft activity with sticking.


make bread... brilliant for the kneading and developing the muscles needed for these skills.

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