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Evening everyone,


i had my first mindie confirmed today and she will be starting with me in two weeks. I have most of the paper work ready but I was wondering how you organise your paper work.


I was thinking that I would include observations and individual planning in the learning journal and group planning in another is this correct?


So folders wise I would have:


eyfs information,

policies and procedures

group planning

learning journals

daily paper work

risk assessments


any thin else you can think of?


I would really appreciate your help


Adele. xx

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Guest jane707

The learning journey will contain observations and assessments, individual planning and if the child has participated in group planned activities you could add info about those, notes from parents, photos, child's artwork etc.


You should also use the development matters information for the age and stage of the child - sometimes you need more than 1 age group to encompass a child's experiences and abilities.


Over the months it builds into a complete memory book of the child's time with you.


You sound organised with the rest - don't forget a complaints and compliments book! Many childminders choose to keep a visitor book as well (but it's not statutory).


You will want an attendance register with a sheet for each child kept somewhere so you can fill it in every time the child arrives and leaves.


As you go along making changes to the way you work and improving things you should consider writing it all down in note form so that when you come to do your SEF you already have lots of ideas ready to slot into the questions.


I hope it's all going well :o

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Thank you Jane


i think I will be posting several time on here over the next month lol.


I cant believe how much I have forgotten after two years off.



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