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On Entry And Age Bands!


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I've been sitting here for 4 hours trying to collate my data.


In our LEA we have to fill in a sheet that links the children to development matters age bands and whether they are within, above below or big time below.


All my baseline assessments have been from observations so far. Some evidence links directly to scale points. Other evidence links to age bands.


Is there any link between FSP scale points and age bands or should I just do a best fit per child for each area of learning?


Please help- my head is on my back for this data ASAP!

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I am in my second year of teaching in the foundation stage (although years spent in KS2) and I have asked the same question. We link our obs mostly to age bands but we look through the observations to see what evidence we have for profile points-two different assessments. My answer is no they don't link!

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