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The following sign is up in our garden. It may give you some ideas


Sensory Garden


This space was created by children and staff and friends of --- Preschool from a piece of rough ground. Many of the features were inspired by a visit to ---Day Nursery sensory room and garden. Local businessman --- offered design support. It is constantly changing in response to new ideas and topics. We hope all your senses will be stimulated by your visit and you will find inspiration here.


Listen to the sounds that our garden makes.

Natural sounds include, leaves and stems rustling in the wind, buzzing bees & insects, birds singing. Activated sounds include children playing, striking chimes and wind-chimes


Smell the herbs and flowers, pond water and wet soil.


The Sensory Garden is full of different textures to touch including rough and smooth surfaces different temperatures, wet and dry, hard and soft



Look at colour, and shape, shiny CDs catching the light



We have used the herbs we grow in our cooking activities for a different taste

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