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Hi there everybody,

WOW!!! What a great find, i so wished i came across this sight during my 3 year training last year. I am so sorry to bother you all, but as an NQT in a reception class, I really want to get my assessments spot on, or as close as possible.


I need a little advice here. The only assessment sheets I have is basically the profile points 1-9 on an A3 sheet covering each area of learning. Every half term i will highlight in a different colour, where each individual child is. My question is...Should each child in my class also have development matters sheet, the one with the age bands on. Should I be using those seets in conjunction with the A3 profile sheets.

Any advice, support or knowledge on what you guys are doing would be hugely appreciated.


My final question is....where on average should nursery be on leaving nursery, before entering reception. Our LEA also use something similar to the profile points (1-9) i mentioned above for nursery but obviously from 22-36m-30-50.


I really hope i have made sense.

Thankuyou very much for taking the time to read this post xxx

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I find that each child in your class should have come to reception with a completed 'learning journey from nursery'? This normally gives you an outline of where each child is when they begin.


I find it is rare to have a child who has completed any more than the 1st 3 points on the FSP for each subjects by the time they join reception and I still look for them to achieve these points again so that I see the evidence myself before highlighting it.


Hope this helps!



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Hello and welcome to the forum!


I work in nursery and when the children leave us to move into reception they have a learning journey and the early years nursery profile to show reception where they are at.

Our reception teacher feels the learning journeys helps her find out about the children in a clear and interesting way.


As they leave us almost all children have usually achieved most of the 30 - 50 month statements.

Many will have reached lots of the 40 - 60 month statements too.


Obviously every child is different and each child will be developing at their own rate but I would suggest that children who do not meet at least some of these latter two stages as they enter reception might have a difficulty or need in a certain area.


Good luck!

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Hi we use the assessment sheet blown up to a3 We section off a line down the page from the first three points (stepping stones)so we know on average where the children could be at end of nursery age.We then have another colour line down the page from profile point six, an average score at the end of reception. (I know everyone is different) .We colour red for entry into reception and then at the end of each term use a different colour to update the sheet,this way we can see at the end when a child achieved a point and if they are making progress.

It is also clear to see at a glance were there are any gaps in a childs development to help them.

Parents can also see where their child is . We put the line down the page at point six so parents can see this is an average point.

We only use the development matters ones with the age bands for certain children who may have an additional need this helps us to go further back into the age bands to find their particular level.

All children have a learning journey as well with lots of photos ,pictures and paintings along with observations and post it wow moments.

The coloured sheets are assessed every half term so we can see and target children who may be struggling in any particular area.

Hope this helps :o

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