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Interactive Rainforest/jungle Theme


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Hi there.....


My manager has decided to give me the task, as I love creating new displays and ideas for the children, to come up with an interactive rainforest/jungle theme for the 2-3 year old children's corridor (which they will walk through to get to their classrooms)


I am very excited about creating it; I have a few ideas in mind, but just wanted to see if anyone could help me too?



Any ideas and suggestions welcome....


Thanks :o




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can the children reach it?...could you do lift the flap like in animal zoo...or if you have talking tins you could record the childrens impressions of the animals . The TTS catalogue has loads of IT resources (like talking postcards etc) that could mean you can add Noise to the display.Or you could try to add smell to the jungle flowers by adding scents to paper circles and using them for the centre of the flowers!

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