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Any Teachers In Plymouth Interested In Starting A Social And/or Childr


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I am an NQT, just moved to Plymouth to start my new job. Would like to meet some like minded people and am also interested in the research the Children’s Mathematics Network is doing and would be interested in starting a network group in the future. Here is a link to the Children’s Mathematics Network if you haven’t heard of it before - http://www.childrens-mathematics.net/login.htm


Would love to hear from you.



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Hi Hannah.

Im not in your neck of the woods, but I am part of my local CMN group. Have you got an advisory team member who has an interest in mathematics who might help you get a few people together?


Also have you come across Elizabeth's and Maulfry's latest book 'Children's mathematical graphics: beginning in play'? I'm just ploughing through at the moment, well worth read.

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Dear Hannah


I hope you are well.


About a year ago you expressed an interest (on the Foundation Stage Forum) in starting a Children's Mathematics Network Group in Plymouth.


I was wondering if you were successful in this?I should by happy to start a page for you on our website www.childrens-mathematics.net - and add some news items and updates from you for your Plymouth CM Network Group. It is your page and so members of your group are welcome to decide on its content! Anything relating to members' meetings, discussions or activities (plus any children's graphics) will be welcomed!


I appreciate that everyone is very busy - and perhaps you may feel that your group has not progressed, or is no longer active. If this is so, I'd be grateful if you could let me know so that I can update this section of the website.


With all good wishes


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