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First Week At Nursery


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Hello everyone.....



Almost the start of a new school year......how scary...


I have been put into Nursery this year and after completing 50 home visits I can see lots of issues arising in speaking, listening and communication.....


I know these sounds silly but what actually do you do with the children on the first few days....obviously you would not go straight into looking at numeracy and literacy......I know that it is vital for the chn to feel settled and PSED is what needs to be the focus.....


What activities have you done in the past that have worked with your chn in the first few days?

Like getting to know you activites.......and talking about rules and routines...


What do you do on the very first day when they come into nursery...

I dont want to expect too much from them or scare them...


Sorry if im babbling just need some direction.....and some nursery activities....


Thank you

Sarah x

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We find out on the home visits what they are interested in doing at home, and put these activities out to try to encourage them to settle smoothly. There are the general ones that are often mentioned which are trains, drawing and Cbeebies!!


I generally choose my favourite stories to read at the end of the sessions to start a routine but will often read a story that the children have chosen as well or stories parents have told me that are favourites.


hope this helps

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Hello sarb85 - welcome to nursery! I'm sure you'll enjoy it - really!

On the first day I will not take them in to registration too soon after arrival (we have a 'quiet room' where I take the register) - probably give them half an hour or so to settle. The first thing I will be doing is finding out what THEY have been doing in the holidays. I think that's a fairly good place to start and will probably provide some good PLODs. xD I will try to keep the group time as short as possible though, and get them out for free play. Perhaps toward the end of the session, I will gently introduce the 'topic' for the term - maybe just a few words 'dropped in' here and there! :o:(

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Ours only stay for an hour on the first day and come straight in to play.

A variety of activities are available, the door to outside open.


We mainly observe and talk to and play with the children

We do not sit to be registered, a member of staff will do it during the session.


Good luck!!

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I usually put out a selection of activities and then let the children wander to wherever they will. For those children that need the support we allow their parents to stay for some of the session to settle them in, the staff are either supporting the tearful or chatting to children whilst they play. That way the children have a pressure-free chance to explore, settle and we get to observe them from being alongside. I don't intend to do any focused group time for the first week - although I will end the session with a story/song and start to chat about our rules. Our children self-register from day one, so I don't need to gather them all together for that purpose. During the first day I'll find out which things the children really seem to like and make sure that similar activities go out for the second day. Quite often I find the best way to break the ice and get the children to talk to you is to sit and make a drawing/painting/collage and talk aloud to yourself about what you're doing (you sound daft but the kids don't mind) and then ask the person next to you what they're drawing etc. Usually within 5 minutes the whole table is talking to me about all sorts of things! Most of all take a deep breath and relax. There will probably be tears (parents as well as children) but they're usually only for a day or two - so make sure you have a supply of tissues.

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