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Hi all,


My chair has asked me to sort out the forthcoming AGM, she's not sure what to do. In our PLA constitution it says we have to send out ballot papers 2 weeks before the date. my question is what information do i need to put on there


The three exsisting officers wish to carry on for a further year and want to be re-elected not sure how i go about this

do i just send out a letter stating that they wish to be re-elected and if anyone would like to stand or oppose to send it in writing to the secratary


does anyone have a template for the ballot papers, we historically had a poor turn out to the AGM's if can people vote by paper rather than in person?


sorry lots of questions, the papers have to go out next week our first week back so need to get my head around it.



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Hi did post a long reply and then my computer crashed.

I would suggest you look on the PSLA website, it has all you need to know and publications to help you with this process.

It isn't as daunting as you think.

You can also ring them with any questions.

Letter and nomination form to be sent out to parents two weeks before to include date, time and place.

Don't forget to tell staff to so they can attend if possible.

Nomination form is just a slip of paper:

Nomination slip for ..........................Preschool Committee


Proposed by........................................

Seconded by.......................................

You just need two names of people of the pre-school to do the proposing and seconding.

Please return slip to preschool.


You do need a quorum of parents to attend to hold the AGM, again check on the Constitution of up to date details.

We normally have an agenda which includes:

Minutes of AGM from last year put out on chairs for people to read, and then if there are any matters arising from them.

Chairpersons report, this could be anything from a committee point of view that has taken place through the year, fundraising, recruitment, training, and any lovely fundraising that may have taken place.

Treasurers report, this should include all money matters and a copy of the audited end of year accounts [ we normally put a copy of these out on the chairs too].

Supervisors/Managers report this is generally all the great things the children and staff have been up to throughout the year.

A guest speaker can attract more attendance. We have had teachers, children centre staff, health visitors etc in the past.

Committee often stand outside at the end of a session and chat with other parents to promote it.

Refreshments always go down well tea, coffee, bickies, or cold drinks and a few nibbles.

Good luck and i hope you get lots of lovely helpers. Sorry it such a long reply.

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Oops forgot to say the existing committee do have to stand down and be re elected, also good idea to have some spare nomination forms for any surprise helpers.

You also need to adopt the Constitution if you have one, this is signed by the Chairperson before standing down.

Once you have elected a new committee set a date for your first meeting where the officers can be elected.

Good luck. :o


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