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1000th Member Competition Winner!


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What a noble bunch you are!


It turned out to be very difficult to give the cheque away. At about 10pm ish last night the front page came up like this:


We have 1,000 registered members

The newest member is Tredworth


Mundia was the eventual winner, claiming the prize at about 7.50 this morning. However, this was only after leginy had claimed it last night at about 11.20pm. He, however, insisted on donating it back to the forum fund :o


However, reluctantly I decided I couldn't trouser the winnings myself and so offered it to the next in line, Mundia. She accepted it this afternoon, but asked me to make it out to the BBC Children In Need fund :)


So that's where it's going. We need to mention Poppy who was an honourable third - and would doubtless have reduced me to a complete puddle by insisting that it went to an Orphans fund or something.


Thanks for playing - I'll try to come up with some more of these if you've enjoyed it! But I might have to forbid selfless saintly acts and insist you spend it on yourselves!


Best wishes,


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