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Hi i hope some of you can help me! i am starting a new job in September, in a year 1 class. It is only a small school and so i am going to be the only teacher. I just wondered how you do some things in year 1 such as fitting in guided reading and hearing individual readers? Also continuous provision - does this work in year 1 and how do you set it up?

Any ideas for topics would be fab, i am completely new to KS1 as i have been working in nursery for the past year!


I have no ideas from the previous teacher as she took early retirement at Christmas last year and they have had supply in ever since :o

Thank you in advance, hope someone can help me!


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In our school we 'do readers' as follows.


Every child reads twice a week - heard once by the teacher, once by another adult (usually a TA if there is one)

We hear them read at lunchtime - infants finish for lunch 25 minutes before the juniors and this is our reading slot.

One of these twice weekly reads is a guided reading session. We alternate weeks as to whether it is a teacher or TA who leads this.


Not really sure I can help on the continuous provision question - I have a mixed YR/1 class so it's all set up anyway.


Topics - I have topics to ensure I cover Y1 National Curriculum objectives but then have some time 'free' each term when I can do child interest topics to make sure I'm following good EY practice too.


My current topics for next year are:


Ourselves (emphasis on family history)

Celebrations (ties into our RE unit and will include work on light and sound for science)

Caves (links to Bear hunt and cave men)

Castles (getting some science materials in here and possibly Richard the Lionheart)

Plants and animals (ticks science boxes and will involve a trip to a local nature reserve so bit of geography local study in there too)

Olympics (will do some comparison of the 1948/2012 Olympics) to tick some history objectives)


Hope that helps

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Thank you so much for your reply, that is a big help :). I think I'm working myself up too much because it is all new to me and i want to get it right! The head has very high expectations!! thanks again for replying.

Would be really good to know any other ways that work well.


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I will be following this thread with interest too. I have worked in reception for last 5 years and moving up into year 1 in September. I am going to be job sharing and have just been looking at the timetable which seems to be jam packed full! I am finding it hard to see how the children are going to cope with handwriting, phonics, maths, literacy and guided reading and that's just in the morning (knowing this group of children very well)! I have loved working in Reception and see the benefits of child initiated play and following their leads. I had hoped to be able to carry this on (especially for transistion period but might have a battle on my hands!) but I am struggling to see how I am going to fit everything in. I would be very interested to see an example of a year 1 timetable too.

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I too will be new to Year 1 in September - I am moving up with my class.

I have attached the timetable I have organised (although I have yet to see how it will work in practise!) It is based on the timetable I was given by the previous year 1 teacher, with some tweaks to try to open up extended periods where possible for child-initiated and challenge activities. Having assembly and break-time mid-morning will be the hardest things to get used to as they limit the way I can organise the morning time-table but I have tried to build upon routines we have tried during their time in Reception when we attended the mid-morning assembly once a week.

I have set up continuous provision that looks very similar to anything you'd see in a reception class - art/malleable area, role-play, construction, small-world, book corner, reflection area, writing table, maths area, and will be developing an outdoor area.


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hi there

In our small school although i am working in a mixed aged class at the moment- but through friends who work in year 1 they are trying to develop what people do in rec and nursery with reguards to continuous provision as children learn a lot when working with peers and exploring what your have taught them in their own time. so a lot of your skills you are bringing with you should not be lost


if you have no ta working with you for guided reading keep the session short and focused to begin with and rotate which group you work with each day

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