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How much planning do you have on display for parents to see? I have always put all my planning on the noticeboard alongside the newsletter and other information. However, now that my planning has become less topic-based and more child-led I am not sure what is 'appropriate' to be on display.

At the end of each week, I look at what the children have been doing (taking information from the PLOD sheet) and record this, along with the PLODs on the planning sheet for the following week. If it is possible i.e. the resources were to hand, then some PLODs would have already been 'completed'. If it was not possible to find the resources to enhance learning, then it would be 'planned' for the following week. My planning would of course show the activity under the relevant area of learning along with the child's or children's initials. However, there does seem to be an uneven 'spread' of PLODs for individual children - some having several over the week, whilst others have very few or even none at all. This brings me back to my question - is it 'appropriate' to have such 'individualised' planning on display for all parents to see.

What do others do? Does anyone have a better system for short-term planning? Any comments gladly received!

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We display what adult led activities will be on offer for the week, then any general 'enhancement planning' - which is usually linked to a a visit or current events happening that week.


Other individual planning is out-so all staff can access/add as necessary, but this is not on display for parents to see. Although we may add to it in full view of a parent if they tell us something relevant.

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