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Setting Up My Own After School Club


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Hello all -


I have finally took the plunge and i am opening my own After School Club (hopefully in September). I would appreciate any advice you guys have!! Are there any good organisations to be involved with, any kinds of funding available?



Thanks :o

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Also the 4children website is very useful, our county council also has a play association that is very useful and has someone who can come out and offer excellent advice. Shout if you have any questions I have set up an ASC before so may have the answers or know someone who can help. :o

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i helped det up a afterschool club a few years ago. My tips are to make sure you have enough staff and areas to be able to support outside play, as the children need to run around.


I dont know what type of register you would use but we used one where the parents signed their children in and out. So you had proof who collected them.


Also what we've found useful is instead of a contacts list (If the club is away from the school) put all contact numbers in a mobile phone, this allows you to be able to access instant numbers instead of going to a filing cabinet.


Good luck, i loved the after school club, its very rewarding.



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Hi Scarlet

Ok lots of questions....


How much did it cost to start up ?

Can you recommend any small business bank accounts?

Do you do your own accounts and what do you use ie software?

Do you do your own payroll?

Do you run holiday club too? (we lose money during holidays so its something I have to consider if worthwhile doing unless I double the cost?!)

Im thinking of keeping staff and everything the same and then I would be emergency cover?


At the moment Im looking into costings, break even points for numbers of children and price and im getting very befuuddled!


Any advice?



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