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I am compiling a holiday reading pile because this summer I too have no uni work to do!!

(Will be back to it in September though!!!)


I really enjoyed "Sisters" (Rosamund Lupton) and so have bought another one of hers but not got to it yet!!


I bought "So much for that" (Lionel Shriver) as a friend recommended it.


"The Loop" too is on my pile. Nicholas Evans


I have also bought the new one by Karin Slaughter because I do like all types of genre.


Will look forward to hearing what others have on their list!!!!

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Diana Gabaldon if you like historic romance with a bit of whoaarrr (!)

any of Tess Gerritsons detective stories.......blood curdling, really good

.....................or reread the Harry Potter books

or Philip Pullmans 'dark materials' trilogy

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a laugh out loud book


The tent the bucket and me - Emma kennedy


also same author I left my tent in San Francisco - not quite as funny but a very light-hearted read.


(both available on kindle )

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Anything by Sophie Kinsella /Madeline Wickham bar the shopaholic ones. I ordered Remember Me! from Amazon it arrived at lunchtime & I had finished by bed time! Needless to say I didn't do much else during that time!

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Diana Gabaldon if you like historic romance with a bit of whoaarrr (!)


Sounds good to me!


Currently reading 'The Tent the Bucket and me' - good fun especially if you had to endure camping holidays as a child (we had an old army tent at one point, the smell of that canvas will always be with me - nothing but fond memories though :o )....though the author does seem to have had more than their fair share of disastrous holidays. A very witty observation of early camping experiences.


I've also got Michael McIntyre's autobiography 'Life and Laughing: My Story' downloaded onto my Kindle ready and waiting - the reviews on that seemed very good.


Considering downloading Dawn French's latest 'A Tiny Bit Marvellous'.


Look forward to getting some more ideas for a good summer read.

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