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I am in desperate need of advice and pointers. I have been out of teaching for 4 years as I had a baby and she had medical problems which meant with constant hospital appointments I couldn't teach.


Now after her operations have all stopped I am hoping to return to teaching. I cannot find the information about the change in the Early Years in the past four years anywhere and am hoping someone will know titles of publications from the Government that covers any strategies and change in assessment etc... if there are any.


I have been surfing the net and keep getting unrelated information to what I type in. Hope you can help


Dawn :o

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Hi dawn, welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place, and as you find your way around you will begin to see what we have all been chatting about over the past 4 years.


The document you need is the EYFS. You can still access it online. Teachfind is the place to locate old govt materials. The EYFS document can be found here You need to look at the statutory framework and the practice guidance.


The foundation stage profile hasn't really changed that much (a few tweaks in statements but nothing too dramatic).


There are many many threads here from reception teachers, so you will soon be feeling back in the swing.

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