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Tracking From Beginning Or Yr1

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Can anyone help me with how they or their ks1 leader trackes progress from the beginning of year 1? We are trying not to convert profile points into levels (eg 9 points being a level 1c) but everything we try doesn't work! My head needs to show progress from entry to yr 1 to exit of yr2. Are we missing a trick?

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That's the thing - it won't work because they are different systems not designed to be continuous. from 2012 you'll probably have the new eyfs assessments so every HTs dream will come true but try just looking to use the interpretation of the judgement, not the numbers ie is child at national expectations or not at end of fs and are they where they should be by end of yr1 ie 1b+.

Then you know they are on trak and the numbers disappear!! (which they will anyway in the future!!)


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It will - if it goes as the consultation shows-be more aligned to follow on into ks.

% of children on track will give you a minimum target for the next milestone + accelerating those below to increase up.


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