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Thank you for the email Jackie H. I dont have the medium term plans on my harddrive or floppy but i do have my short term planning so i shall attatch it to this message. I think because they are saved individual i will have to do them one at a time. Hope they are useful.




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Hi Verity -

Thanks very much for these. Just to let you know that you can in fact attach multiple files to the same post. When you've attached one it will appear as a filename, and you can then browse to the next file on your harddrive in the same way, attaching as many as you want. :)

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thats funny i was going to on line today to ask for some ideas for people who help us and you have done a brilliant job cheers

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Discovered some pictures (photos) on the RSPCA website today for people who help us.

You need to register first (free) by selecting My RSPCA in the menu on the left hand side of the home page and following instructions.

Once you are registered you can order various photopacks (eg minibeasts, habitats, lifecycles) from the publications page, but if you select the resources page and just select all resources (100 in total) the 16th resource "Representing you, me and us..." contains the people who help us pictures.

When you open this resource page there is a list of "useful websites" on the right hand side near the bottom of the page - this is where the pics are! Amongst those on offer are a dog warden, firefighters, police officer and refuse collectors. Not bad for free :D

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