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Can anybody help me on this as I have read and re read and it doesn't seem to sink in:- communication techniques which encourage children to communicate freely, including the role of positive feedback, encouragement and non-verbal behaviour as a means of communication and of facilatating and regulating verbal interaction.


Thanks Juney

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Hi Juney,

It seems a bit of a mouthful, doesn't it? :o

I think it's all about encouraging the children to communicate with their peers and with staff. How do we do this?

* Getting down to their level, and making eye-contact

* Smiling a lot!

* Nodding, thumbs up, and other non-verbal expressions

* Agreeing, praising ("That's a good idea", "I like the way you...." etc)

*Asking open-ended, non-threatening questions, so children don't feel "put on the spot"

* By offering exciting activities which will encourage the children to talk

* By offering varied role play scenarios, puppets, small world toys to encourage speaking and listening skills.



Hope this gets you started :)

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There's always so many new members it's hard to keep track. Welcome juney. :) Be sure to come back if you need more help and perhaps help others too if you feel able to. :D

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