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Outdoors - Fenced Off Or Not?


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Hi, I am meeting with my head on monday to discuss revamping our outdoor area - we have a canopy which then goes on to the playground which the whole school use. I have previously had this area fenced off - but with high fences, that needed screwing together, and they have to be moved a lot for netball games or when we have other schools visiting for our country dancing festival. I, personally, think it being fenced off is a good idea as it gives the children a clear space to play in, and also means that all the toys do not have to be packed away for lunch and playtime.

However, other members of staff hate the fencing, saying it makes the playground smaller and doesn't look good.

I don't know what to do and wondered what others did?

Also do you know any sites which have good photos of outdoor areas - I only have a small patch of land, and practically no money, but any ideas would be welcomed.

Thanks Emily

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Our reception class have a fenced outdoor area which was once part of the front playground. The fence is quite low and not wooden panels. It is blue railings type of thing. Reception can tie stuff to the railings to make it look friendlier!


Nursery also have a fenced garden/outdoor area.


I think the issue bigger than any other is the safety of the children.


For extending children's play and allowing them to revisit ideas surely it's necessary that resources are left out?


Both outdoor classes mentioned previously are extensions of the indoor environment and there would be no time to put away all resources everyday!

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