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What is the difference between equal oportunities and equality and diversity? We have equal op's but chair wants us to have equality and diversity because she's bought the PLA policies and it's in there. Any suggestions? :D

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Hi Rea,


I just looked up the two words on my thesaurus;














Miscellany-(collection, grouping, medley)




I always worry when I ask people at interview "What is your understanding of the term Equal Opportunities?" and I get the answer " I treat everyone the same".

This is because to provide equality we should consider and value each individuals differences and therefore not necessarily treat them the same ( what the person normally means is "Treat everyone with fairness")


Diversity is embracing different cultures which includes all people not just as different nationalities. Within my setting the white british families have different cultural values and beliefs; for example some value eating all together at a meal, others see this as less important to their family.

The preschool itself has a "culture" of what the staff and parents ( the users and providers) values are with regard to a variety of practices carried out throughout the day.


Hope this helps, I may be wrong, it is just how I interpret the words. It will be interesting to hear others opinions.



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I would say that your equal ops policy would cover most of this. We also have stuff in our curriculum policy and parental involvement policy which would also cover this. I would not be keen to write a new policy for this but would rather add bits and pieces into existing policies if you feel the need. :)

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Equal opportnites and equality.... Equal opp dosnt mean treating everyone the same. If someone needs suppost in axcessing an activity and you are treating everyone the same then the child wouldnt get support. If you are open to equality then the support you offer would differ and yet achieve the same outcome.

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So we dont really need both if everything about equality and diversity is already in the equal op's policy? Like you Beau, our other policies cover other aspects that might not be specifically in the equal op's policy. The SEN, parental involvement, confidentiality behaviour, all cover things that relate to equality and diversity. I'll either show her all the references to E&D or do it for a peaceful last 7 weeks.

Thanks for your replies all :D:D

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