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Hi I posted yesterday asking what after school clubs did re cancellation fees/ or cancellation notice.


Anyone else out there wiling to share their afterschools policy regarding this please?


I have had a Dad complain re being charged when child off sick.

We offer flexibility in that 24 hours notice to cancel a place means they dont get charged which I think seems unusual but he is saying its not fair to be charged when you cant give notice that your child is ill.


I wanted ammunition for a meeting with him and my afterschool club team for a possible change in policy....... one he may well not like anyway!!!


Grateful for your thoughts re clubs you use or run!!


Thank you

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Afterschool my child attends charges for sickness absence, holiday absence, when sent home sick and school closure absence. If i think back, every club that my children have attended charge whether the child is present for session or not. After all, they have rent and staff costs that do not go away just because my child isn't in that day.


Does this parent expect you to run your business on a "drop in" basis? I would simply say NO. Do you have a fees policy? Would that have been part of the parent contract signed when the child joined the club? If not, I would adopt one asap.

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hi, I manage an out of school club who do charge for childs sickness or when children dont turn up to a booked session. With us when parents book sessions they do so on a permanent basis so if they want to give up any of their sessions they have to give 4 weeks paid notice.


The only time we dont charge is if we decide to close i.e staff training days


This is the only way we can run. As others have said you rota staff/ plan sessions around the number of children you have. If you allow refunds this would make it eaiser for parents to worry less about not sending children and would make it very difficult to run without making significant loses and possibly having to eventually close.


I think the financial implication argument is strong and pretty standard practice in a lot of childcare settings


I hope your meeting goes well



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Thank you to Westie and eyfs1966. I was beginning to doubt what we were doing!!!


It seems the parent concerned didnt realise what a good thing he had going with us!!


I am meeting with ASC staff on Thursday and then will write to him following that.


Thanks again for your thoughts x

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Have attached our admission and fees policy.

Hope it helps. Plus we also put the no refund policy in the parent hand book that all parents are given when their child starts.


At the bottom of the registration document I have also added that they are signing to say that they agree with these terms and conditions (added this last month)!!!


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Guest jenpercy

We are closing and a parent told of the contract she will have with childminder come September. she has to pay for her sessions year round even if she does not use them in the holidays. if she does need holiday cover, then it will be paid for out of the bank of unused afternoons - but with me she has not had any holidays over the past couple of years.


some parents - like that Dad don't konw when they are well off.

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