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We are hoping to add 4 children to the number we can take in a session. The Ofsted inspector offered us 28 when she measureed up our new premises but we panicked and said 24 because that was already a lot more than we had been taking.

Now we are getting so busy that we probably need the extra 4 and need to do the variance form. They kindly emailed it to me but it seems pretty complicated. Has anyone done one of these and have any helpful hints, especially what to put in the Risk Assessment bit?

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Yes we did it quite recently _- from the dregs of my mind I think I put in mainly about ratios and how we were going to accommodate the extras.

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I did one recently and it really is quite straight forward once you set your mind to it. The interesting thing is that my request should have been refused as it was 'new business'. But as my request was urgent, and I could show that no one else could provide the care for the family 9the mum had to start some training), the variation assessor rang me. After a chat on the phone she approved my variation.


While I was on the phone she asked if there was anything else she could do for me, so I asked about registering extra space in my setting. I wandered around telling her about any risks I could identify and how I intended to minimise risks. In about ten minutes I had variations for an increase in numbers and space.


So, after providing all the rotten information about the children (a real pain!), just write down how you intend to provide appropriate care for all the children.


Pour yourself a glass of wine and get on with it.



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