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Hmi Inspection Re Economic Well Being


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Hi all


We are having a HMI inspection in school next week - not sure what the title is but it is something to do with economic well being.


Has anyone had this inspection - what did they look at? what sorts of activities/routines cover this aspect of ECM in a reception class (apart from shops etc)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Within the evaluation schedule for schools (on the Ofsted web site) you can find the EYFS ECM inspection foci.



Developing their skills for the future:

- children’s skills in communicating, literacy, numeracy and progress in developing ICT skills

- the extent to which children are active, inquisitive and independent learners

- children’s developing ability to solve problems

- the extent to which children’s understanding of the wider world is demonstrated through their play.




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Thank you C!


The inspection is a subject survey into how we teach enterprise education!


I have put a load of photos of children making decisions, role-playing, working as a team and out on walks to give to the inspector.


thanks for your help

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