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Hi all


Been a rough week at school club for me!


I have thought it best to complete 2 complaint records.


First an email from parent complaining about our booking procedures not being flexible enough for his shift work during the holidays, the fact if his son doesnt use the session he is not abe to get refund for this. Me and the committee who do the bookings have reviewed the procedures and have offered that he can book his sessions once he knows his shifts and that for holidays only he can swap sessions if he does not use them (holiday club is normally alot quieter).


Next staff member who is also school cook noticed food hygiene issue (food not being labelled properly once opened) and called environmental health. She then found out that we have to register with them and that we do not come under the school although we use school facilities.

Have reviewed our systems, spoken to staff got safer food better business, going to get staff to watch the dvd. We already have 3 staff food hygiene trained!


Should I fill complaint forms out for these issues (think the food one def)


our complaints form it says this has to be shared with parents within 28 days of the complaint. Is this only to the parent who made te complaint or to all parents?



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I would do the forms to show you take them seriously -


You share with the person who made the complaint.... along with what you have done to address the complaint..


all parents should have access to any complaints if they wish but we never broadcast them to all..


Do think the staff member who went direct to environmental health instead of to the committee was a bit unfair (could not think of the word I want to use here that is suitable!). does she know of your complaints procedure and why did she not follow it... think I would be asking...

while the outcome would have been the same do think why have procedures if no one bothers to use them..

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Thanks Inge for the info.

The staff who complained is the head cook at school (reknowned in area for healthy meals with 80% having school dinners and runs all the kitchens and staff). She is bank staff for us and orders all our food. She was conerned that if there had been a food poisoning then it could have come back on the school.Two weeks ago she had already spoken to manager about finding mouldy bread (left over weekend) and given her the safer food book. She felt that nothing was getting sorted so to be honest I cant really blame her.

Will see what EH say when they come

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