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Which would you say are relevant factors in determining hourly rate of pay out of Qualifications, Experience and Responsibilities of the role? I know I have asked a similar question recently but I'm still struggling to get to grips with this and would appreciate your thoughts.

Many thanks


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they all have some relevance in pay..


in any job there is a basic wage.. then the longer you are with the company often they add some for each year , usually a percentage of the annual wage .(any new member of staff would start on the basic wage.). .. then any extra responsibility can have another enhancement..


in todays climate the pay rise may not always happen but most times the experienced staff will/should have already had some enhancement..


We used to think of it as a basic wage at one level + amount per year of service + amount for extra responsibility


and if we had money at the end of the year staff had some extra for any extra hours they may have done unpaid during the year... staff knew this was only if the annual budget had some left..

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