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Recently we had our ELA in and she has overhauled our planning and pretty much everything about our setting. I am fully on board and think her ideas are fab. She said to have continuous areas of provision e.g paint, construction, books, outdoor the same each week with free choice of resources that cover the 6 areas in each of these. To this add enhancements based on childrens interests and needs e.g Jonny is interested in diggers and dumpers but never goes near the painting table so maybe put some diggers in there for him to explore tracks etc. This makes sense to me and we had been heading this way with our free choice craft table for craft.

However parents have been complaining that their children are not making crafts anymore (we used to have an adult led craft activity each session) and now the children are sticking and making their own creations the parents are not impressed!! I have tried to explain to them that it is the childs hard work and they chose all their materials but they don't seem to get it so now we have fathers day cards being made to please parents and staff and it is very adult led. I feel like i am up against a brick wall with this one....

Also we have a "classroom" that we use with the older children where they go to do some "work" like cutting out a circle and learn to sit on a carpet to do the date etc. I am now thinking this does not fit in at all with the ELA's ideas and the way our planning is being changed. I don't know how to incorporate the classroom into this new style of planning. The manager will not scrap it because the classroom is her domain and she is quite protective over it so any ideas much appreciated!!! Thankyou :)

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Was about to say it is hard to get parents to change from the 'fluffy duck syndrome' at this time of year when they have been so used to it.. easier to start a new year with all the changes - it will not be so noticeable then and accepted as normal that the children choose..


we always had the children's choice in craft so did not have the big problem from many parents but always find there is one each year who expects it! We did a wall display with pictures of the children and an explanation of what could be learnt .


always this to use as well


The little boy.. Helen Buckley

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