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Poem For Child Returning Next Year


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Hi there

I have a child who is returning to nursery for a second year. For my 'graduating' nursery students I use a poem which I got from here 'Always be a student' and he will get this next year, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any suitable poems on here which said something like how glad we were to have him back again. ??? Not sure exactly what I am looking for. Hope someone has some ideas.



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Have used this before, it was adapted from anothe poem:


Oh! What a busy morning,

You’ve been playing with the dough

And with a little help, upon a card you learned to sew.


You popped inside the home corner, to make a cup of tea.

And stood beside the cooker, making lunch for three.


You completed two whole jigsaw puzzles

And played a counting game

You had a turn on the slide, and the climbing frame


You helped to put away the toys, at tidy up time

Then listened to a story, and sang a nursery rhyme


Now it’s the summer holidays

Six weeks you’ll be away

See you in September

We’ll miss you everyday.

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