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Hi! I just wondered whether anyone could give me some information. I am starting a new job in September, and the head has asked if i would like to do the forest school training. I have said yes as it has always been of interest to me, however i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the training consists of? Will i have to do assignments or tests? Will people come and observe me teaching forest school?

Hopefully someone will be able to give me a bit of advice!

thanks :)

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Lucky you! I would say all of the above. I did the training this year, and it is by far the best training I have done in 15 years of teaching. My course was level 3 and I did 5 days of training initially (consecutive fridays) which was part lecture and partly forest based. A few months later I had to do 2 skills days all based in the forest and we built shelters, made furniture and cooked a 3 course meal on a campfire. There is a lot of work involved! I was shocked the first week to be asked to hand in 5 assignments the following week and that on top of a normal teaching week. There are a lot of assignments but you get 9 months to complete it in which is probably a bad thing as I'm leaving mine to the last minute with reports and the profile etc. Off the top of my head these are the things I have had to do as part of the course:


assignments based on the history and theory of Forest School

how Forest school enables children to risk take

compile a forest school handbook outlining how forest school will take place in my school including risk assessments, guidelines, procedures etc

complile my own resources to take to Forest school (laminates, books et)

plan, carry out and evaluate 6 weeks of Forest school

Observe 3 children over a 6 week period and discuss the impact Forest School has had on them

essays based on flora and fauna in different types og woodland

complete an annotated map of my forest school area detailing plants

assignment on the sustainability of my woodland site

a 3 year plan of my woodland area to include future planting ideas


I was observed taking my class to Forest school but it was fairly low key and supportive rather than being critical

Go for it-I cannot recommend it enough and in the present financial climate, the offer may not be repeated!


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I did the level one in forest schools about 5 years ago now and that consisted of two days practical in a forest and then putting together a portfolio. I was asked to do the level 3 but it turned out we didn't have the funding for it, a colleague ended up doing the level 3 and she said she found it very challenging and involved yet she enjoyed it, think the level 3 is A level equivelent.

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I did level 3 Forest School training in September 2009 with Archimedes. I was able to choose the location I trained in, and I chose the Cumbria - it was an intensive weeks training, majority of time in woodland, part time in classroom to work on theory, briefed about portfolio. I loved every minute. The intention is that a portfolio of evidence is then produced independently over a period of time, students need to spend six weeks in a setting with a qualified level 3 practitioner in order to put training into practice, training should be completed by spending another week on site being assessed. Also need to complete outdoor first aid.


Foolishly, I started at the same time as I started my foundation degree, so have not yet compiled portfolio, or been assessed.


I'd say go for it.

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