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Hi everyone,

(not sure if this is the right place but ...)


I am wondering if you could help me with some ideas for a new interactive numeracy display in my nursery class (I have a display board, table and shelves).


I was thinking that I could put number attached to velcro onto the wall for the children to order, I would like feely boxes attached to the wall where the children can feel for shapes or numbers. I thought it would be a nice to have rotating numeracy boxes based on nursery rhymes (for example - 10 fat sausages, have a frying pan and 10 sausages...) this could be the table top activity. Also I thought that I could put empty shoeboxes onto the display with items for the children to access (not sure what yet - help!)


Does anybody else have ideas about what I could put on the display or table? Lots needed please - I want to keep it fresh so that the children use the area.


Any ideas would be really really appreciated!

Thank you,


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I teach in a reception class but have a display as you have mentioned. I have a board which I had covered with 'velcro receptive fabric' and then have made laminates and put velcro on the back of them. I change what I put on there every few weeks I've had things like sorting, bead patterns (with big coloured circles on a string) at the moment i have an aquarium with 2 tanks and 10 fish for finding different number bonds to 10. I've also had size ordering, matching shapes to names. The list is endless but the children absolutely love it.


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Your displays sound lovely, Sarah and deb.


Sarah, I have seen some maths story boxes which sound like the sort of thing you could find useful online somewhere! Try googling? You may even find something on here if you search back far enough.


Good luck.


Deb, what did you use as "velcro receptive fabric", please?

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Hi Susan, I had a long search on the web looking for the right kind of fabric that velcro sticks to as I didn't know what it is called. It is called 'velcro receptive fabric' or looped nylon fabric so if you put that in the search engine, you will get to it. It is expensive about £20 a metre but has been worth it.


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