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Hi this is my first post and I really need advice/help! I have a consultant coming to observe me on Thursday I am struggling for a good lesson idea. I had planned to do a KUW lesson with bridge building out of construction and looking at ways to improve their bridges but am now thinking I would be better to do a literacy or numeracy ideas based on the story!! Please I need some advice.

Thank you!

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When are they coming? - just do what you would normally do at that time, if that was KUW then do just that.

I think you have to be clear about the learning and teaching you want to take place in the session - as this is an observation of your skills it is sensible I think to be demonstrably teaching, but also to be able to show how children make steps forward in knowledge or understanding or thinking.....this is really only good+ if it is clearly linked to prior attainment so:


what skills do you want children to improve on? planning? problem solving? recording ideas? predicting?.....and so on. When this is clear the activity that best suits will be much easier to pin down within the bridge building context.

What resources will they use? IS the focus to be on construction skills teaching e.g. joining materials? Using new tools? Or creative too -selecting appropriate materials and being able to explain why (also LCT I suppose!)

What will you have for on going practice of the new learning within the environment?


Lots of questions!!



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