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Hi everyone!


The good news is I have a job in Foundation for September. Have just finished my final teaching practice in Foundation and am now very aware that I have lots of obs of children taking part in adult led activities but just haven’t had chance to observe child initiated because I have spent a lot of my time leading adult led activities over the day.


Does anyone have any really good systems that allow all children to do some adult led activities but still allow time for me to observe? When I am working with focus groups of children, the other children are taking part in child initiated play.

I’m sure I will be on here a lot more now I am free of uni work and can actually get on with the job!





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Congrats on your new post.


If you are lucky enough to have a full time TA as I do, then it would be best to have one of you based at a focus activity and the other joining in and observing CI activities.

Trying to do 2 focus activities at once is a no-no, as one of you should be available for general supervision, behaviour management and joining CI/observing.

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Congratulations on the job!

Is this in your practise school or elsewhere?

When do you start? Hopefully you will have some time to see how the current teacher works--maybe you can even ask to visit some other schools especially if you have any with outstanding recommendations nearby?

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Hi, ive only been in reception 2years but Until this point in the year I have only had 1 focus activity per day, so either me or my TA is working with the children in the provision. AND we only did this activity in the morning leaving the afternoons free for both of us to be engaging with the children.

However, this has been a big change to last year but the cohort is very different this year and they needed much more adult engagement in play than last years class did. last year we both did adult directed more often, but this way of working this year is loads better.


I have found that I need to keep rearranging my timetable based on the needs of the children at different point in the year.



Lucie x

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I haven't got any more to add really, just agreeing with what every one else has said. I tend to alternate with my TA each day, so if i do adult led in the morning, she'll do it in the afternoon and the other observes, plays with the children. The next day she'll do the morning and i do the afternoon but it is quite flexible really. I have also found it is nice to have some afternoons free to have us both observing the children. I always aim to offer the children free-flow with the outdoors but it would be very hard without a full time TA.


Well done for finishing your placements, you'll love getting your own class and you'll probably tweak your routines lots to get it right for you and like Lucie said, for the children as each cohort is different.


Lots of Luck! x

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