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Certificate in Outdoor Learning


A Practical Hands On course filled with action packed ideas of how to use the natural environment creatively


The course is concerned with exploring the use of the outdoor learning environment in a number of ways and will develop the confidence and expertise of practitioners, no matter their backgrounds into making decisions and choices as to the best approaches to use with their particular client group.



We will provide an overview of the current literature with an exploration of the historical significance of the relationship between childhood and nature in shaping the concepts of wellbeing, emotional literacy and confidence. Examples will be Froebel, Margaret McMillan and Goesta Frohm, a Swedish exponent of outdoor learning and Laevers as well as an introduction to Louv and Gill.


Give your children the natural experience they deserve, help them to appreciate the wealth of nature and to live lightly in the future



These theorists underpin much of our outdoor learning practice we observe, especially in the early years, and this is designed as a 90% practical hands on course, as a consequence, the majority of the time will be spent in sessions, exploring different natural elements. We will examine Earth, Air, Fire and, Water, with the main emphasis on the connectivity with the natural environment and how Nature becomes the third teacher. Underpinning each session will be a range of learning outcomes that cover aspects of social and emotional aspects of learning, practical knowledge or skill development to encourage confidence in participants.


I am thinking about booking a place in September. It's a 3 day course costing £330. I am interested to hear any reviews from anyone who has done it.


Carol xx

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It is fine to post links, Carolschildminding - it helps members find up to date information direct from the company.


I seemed to remember Rufus posting about having attended Archimedes training and being really enthused so I did a search. You can find the thread here.


It sounds very good to me!

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Hi I have done this course ours was 4 days but it was brilliant. I enjoyed every session and the children got so much out of it when we did the activities in nursery. I say go for it.


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I haven't done the outdoor course but I did Forest School training with Archimedes and they were brilliant, very professional but friendly and fun. All the reading material etc was first class. This course wasn't available when I started my course (2009) otherwise I think it would have suited my needs more than the Forest School training as I I still haven't completed the Portfolio, ourtdoor first aid course or assessments which are a requirement of their Forest School Training xD foolishly started the same month I started my foundation degree :o

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