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Hi All,


I haven't been on for a while but wondered if I could pick your brains?


I am coming to the end of my first year teaching Reception and I would like to change the way I complete profiles for next year. We currently have A4 books and use the LA grids with development matters and profile points to highlight and then add evidence for each area. However as I approach the end of the year, some children have lots more evidence than others and some books have empty pages! I feel there must be a better more efficient way to complete them and would welcome any advice.


Thank you

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Hi, I'm still learning and am at the end of my 2nd year this year.

I currently have blank books with the profile grid in the front and put in observations on stickers/photographs etc at the end of every half term.

In the classroom I have lots of pockets on the inside of my cupboard door each pocket has a childs name on. As we gather obs etc through the term we put them into the childs pocket. Then we can see at a glance who is struggling for obs.

When I transfer them into the books during the holidays i can see any areas/children that are lacking. I then put this up on our planning board so that we are reminded to 'look' for obs for these.

In the book each observation is numbered and this number is written onto the grid at the front as it occures. (so the evidece is in date order not areas)


(If something has come up on an observation that needs extending/reinforcing/investigating then this goes onto the planning sheet for the next week. )


Was individually externally moderated this year and moderator was very happy with the amount of evidence i had collected (which is less than other schools where I have received children from this year) and the knowledge that I had.


Don't know if that helps but it works for me.

Also try a forum search because this has been discussed not too long ago I think.


Lucie x

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Having nearly completed my 3rd year I have experimented lots and finally feel happy with the system we hve in place. Firstly we put obs into their learning profile books in chronological order (not in areas of learning) as so many will cross reference. Like Lucie I have a grid with the profile points in the back which I tick when I put in observations - I also reference each obs/photo with the scale points too. I actually update mine each week (I do a bit every day) so I can keep track on key things i want to plan from or extend.


In order to make sure we get enough obs of each person I have a sheet with all the children's name on and tick every time we take a photo or write an obs so we can target those children with few obs towards the end of a half term etc. At the end of each half term I update the e-profiles and updates my children's PLODS (individual plans) with their next steps. This allows me to group children for certain next steps and informs my planning.


You'll soon find a system that works for you! x

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I think it does raise the question of how records are reviewed so that you reflect on the children who shove evidence under your nose and those who don't have a lot - they won't have done nothing, it's just that they may be doing so in different ways. Knowing who you want to focus on because of this analysis can be very useful. It can also open up reflective questions on practice and provision. Asking why children are not demonstrating particular skills and then looking to see where their interests and needs are reflected in the provision can be illuminating. Is it mostly boys or particular vulnerable groups? Are you expecting a particular outcome rather than looking at what the child actually does/ Do you take time to work with those children in a sustained shared way to understand their thinking and processing? What do their parents say about the gaps you have - maybe they use those skills elsewhere.




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