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Hi Guys,


I recently went on a course, at the school we were at had themed boxes to take outside eg writing, police etc. Me and our nursery nurse have been racking our brains and can only think of a few. Is there a website or book out there to help?


Thanks :-)

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The Little Book of Prop Boxes, The Little Book of Props for Writing, by Featherstone are very good - have resources, ideas and links to stepping stones.


tel: 0185 8881212


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That would be great! Thanks :D



we have a  book in our seting in which it has a cd to print off maps ect for the theme boxes and also a page of things to add into each box this book is at work i will get the details and send to you tomorrow :D


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Hi button moon - we have the following outdoor resource kits which may or may not inspire you - most things were easily found or cheaply bought


gardening ( cheap fnecing, trowels,spades, plasnt pots ( difff sizes) seeds etc

travel - maps, mobile phones, first aid kits, tickets ( raffle ones) wipe on wipe off signs that fix to velcro on our traffic signs ( the chidlren can write their own) Children enjoy using the travel box with the large wooden bricks - up until a few years ago we had a plastic boat which was greatly sought after ( sand pit type ) or also add chairs in rows.

weather ( windmills, kites, weather charts, kite number line ( diamond shaped kites with velcro numbers and a ribbon tail - children have to peg on the right number of pegs for each kite to make the bows on the string - we hang them on our play area fencing)

window cleaners - bucket, cloths squeedgies and note pad, money

Bubbles - variety of bubble makers

Nets and balls ( form spordas - stretchy nets used with 2 or 4 players- you have to pull the net in unison to make the ball bounce up and aim to catch it again !)

throwing and target kit - beanbags,turtles, quoits etc

Mark making kit - clipboards, pens, notepads, chalk, waterpots and brushes

Skittle set ( we have chalk boards on our walls for tallying)

we have a box of cloths and drapes for den making

Hat box - various

washing box - varoius soxks and gloves and an empty wash powder box and softner carton +washing line and pegs

Picnic hamper

Investigation box - bug findes, magnifying glases, reference books

we also have water out doors with resources in 2 plastic vegetable racks


I think that's about all - but you can make boxes for anything - we try and find an interesting box to put them in - e.g. washing up bowl for washing kit. You can could have a bird spotters kit in a back pack ! You'll also need a large shed to keep it all in !

Have fun ! Let us know what ideas you come up with!

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sorry it has taken me so long to reply i lost my internet connection for a will. the box is called making the most of outdoor play boxes ideas for enhancing outdoor play though play boxes. by andrea and jim slade. the isbn numbers is 0-9549032-0x and it is published by little oaks plublications 2004 there email address is littleoaks01@aol.com



the play boxes are: artist, beach, beach shop, bird watching, builder, cafe, camping, fairground, firefighter, football, garage and car wash, gardening, lets pretend, market, messy play, mini beast, music, painter and decorators, paramedic, picnic, pirates, plumbers, police, rainy day, road safety, travel, washday, windy day, witchs and wizards and zoo kepper. inside the book there is also a cd inwhich you can print off resouces for each box and inside the box there are ideas for each box letters for the parents for resouces for the boxes, contents of the boxes monitoring sheets for the outdoor boxes and action plans for the boxes.


so for in my nursery we have made the road safety box and the artist box both are really enjoyed by alll the children and the parents have enjoyed being involved as well. i hope this has been of help to you and i have not taken to long to reply to you.

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