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I am being observed by my head teacher and another head who is OFSTED trained. The idea being that she can support him in his judgements.

I teach Reception and have 30 children - 23 boys!! We will be doing some work linked to Harry and the Robots and whilst I have lots of ideas re enhancements and challenges in the Continuos Provision I am undecided whether or not to do a 'whole class teaching input'. I feel that this and an explanation of challenges will mean that they will be sitting for too long. I will have a focus task aimed at specific children.


Please let me know what you think- Thanks

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I think the answer depends on what you would normally do!! If you wouldn't do whole class teaching at the time they are coming to watch then to do so just for the purposes of an observation could create unnecessary complications.


The core focus of their ob would be on the children's learning as much as your teaching. Are they challenged, are they making progress within the session will all colour the judgement of the quality of teaching and learning. How you deliver this is down to your usual structure but also deciding what would work best for the session you are planning. Whole group work is only too long if the adults make it so!!


I suppose you also have to weigh up the issue of the school's and your expectations for children at this point in the academic year - what are the learning habits you are developing with them to aid their transition into the Primary phase? Would your HT expect to see moves towards larger group activities by now?


It doesn't exactly answer your question but hope it helps your decision!


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