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Hi all, me again :o


I wanted to get some ideas for an interview i have, in a couple of days.

I have to do a sort of presentation, which will allow me to discuss a plan of action for ideas/activities for a scenario.

The staff need to improve the provision in a room ensuring the learning intentions for 1 to 2 year olds are specific. I have to use the Enabling Environments theme and advise staff how to meet this requirement, thinking about how they plan, observe and deliver activities. I can choose one area of learning.


I have decided on PSED and have come up with some ideas, but thought I would ask for your ideas and thoughts xD


So far i have thought about observing the children, recording their interests and evaluating activities on offer. Looking at how the activities work, what could be done to further improve/develop them, if needed etc and how to record them and implement them the following weeks too. Some people i know who work in nurseries say they just put out what they feel like, but I wanted it to come from the children. I’m not too keen on topics either, especially for this age.


Then I have looked at ways to ensure they are covering/meeting the development matters; Using a monitoring form, observations, PLOD, learning journey, and parents info etc. This would then be used to inform planning, like an adult focused activity, which the key worker would be responsible for setting up, delivering and evaluating.

But, I was thinking that, if a key person has say 6 children with six different next steps how would they deliver the activities for all the children in one day?? Would it work to do some planned group activities, which could be differentiated to meet individual needs and cover more than one area (this is what we used to do in preschool) and then individual activities for those who needed it....(not sure if this make sense )


I have ideas for the room, following enabling environments, hands on, sensory, accessible etc, and ideas to help those who may find observing tricky and i am just in the process of coming up with activities for the PSED , development matters. (im sure i have more things too, but won’t go into them all, otherwise this post will never end)


Do you think i am on the right track?? What are your procedures for planning, delivering activities etc. What activities do you offer?

Im waffling now, sorry... so please feel free to share anything you feel will help :(


thanks in advance

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dont worry about replies :o:(:(:(xD


interview was yesterday and presentation went well, so they said. Just need to wait and see what happens......

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