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I just wanted to gain the perspective of teachers. I would like to compile some information that children could take to there new school to share with their teacher. Maybe a sheet with info and pictures on? I just wondered what sort of things woul be good to include and would it be worth while. (I am thinking more of them taking it to their first visit as formal documentation will be given to the schools when the child leaves the pre school)


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sorry no one has replied sooner. I think it depends on the relationship you have with your school and how many of your children will go to that school etc and what transition arrangements and documents are already in place. As a reception teacher from a school where all bar a couple come from the playgroup over the road I wouldn't really need what you are suggesting. I already receive the transition document from the playgroup and I observe all the children in their setting over the year before they come to school (i go fortnightly for an hour over the year). We also do home visits and transfer meetings with the key workers of the children in the summer term so I have a very good picture of the children before September. What the playgroup does do is get the children to paint a picture for their new classroom which has a photograph of them on it. I put these up for the first day of school and the children get to see their paintings on the wall on their first day and it also means I don't have blank walls.

Hope that helps


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