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I have got my suitable person interview on monday!


I am the suitable person and the playgroup manager and I was just wondering what they might ask me?


I have already done risk assessments, policies and procedures as well as registration forms and staff application forms.


Also, do you find out there and then if you have passed or are a suitable person?


Thanks :o

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Had mine end of last year, Lady was really nice and it was very relaxed she wanted to check my documentations, i.e passport, driving lic, and a utility bill or bank statement to prove my address the asked to check my qualifications.


we then had a chat where she run through a list of question and typed my answers straight onto her laptop. would say the whole thing lasted between 1.5 - 2 hours.


These are some of the questions she asked me.


She asked my about my understanding of the EYFS and what is in it?


Safeguarding (what i would do in the event of an incident)


when i woud need to contact Ofsted and why and how i would do th


How i ensure my staff are sutiable for job and how we recruit, what procedure I would follow.


multi agency working - what does this mean?


She asked I how i ensure and monitor the children progress and how we plan for individual childrens needs.


I'm sure there were more questions but cant remember now.


I built myself into a tizz about it but it was so relaxed she also gave me some tips, (I asked her loads of questions too) thought whilst she was there make use of it...


good luck



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Is this interview the same for the committee suitable person interview?


Last chair was asked for this interview but avoided it. We have a new manager of 4 months so presume she will be interviewed soon too?


As new chair and being in the profession I could answer these questions but how do they expect those chairs that do not do childcare to answer such questions?

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Fortunately our chair didn't have this in depth interview as it was quite a few years ago, but I believe that some inspectors do carry out a very similar one to this with chairs. Like you I feel it is unfair to ask a parent who is volunteering to take on that level of knowledge, although I do think they should have some level of knowledge for the role. If I was in their position I think my answers would have to be that I would refer to the EYFS or contact LA support. Guess that would fail me though!

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My understanding was that a 'suitable person' interview is meant for the qualified person in direct charge of a setting, i.e. Manager of a setting. An owner of a setting is usually the 'registered person', and as such does not have to undergo a suitable person interview. I would have thought that a member of a committee who is not in direct contact with children would not undergo a 'suitable person' interview.


You can of course, be the 'registered' person and the 'suitable' person, in which case you would have an interview.

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Guest Spiral

I'm interested too as my new Chair will be subject to that soon.


Just as a note to the above responses, it is expected that the Chair would have a suitable Person interview, however, when Ofsted did my chair's last one, the officer asked me to come in to as she wasn't getting many answers and we sort of educated the chair together!


Spiral x

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she asked for information on all of my policies, how I was going to plan activities, what I am going to ask parents at registration and how I will use the information, information on my risk assessments, employment and interview procedures and what I would do if I was not happy with the way staff were behaving and how I will promote equal opps


I think that covers most of it!


She was really nice and if I was unsure of answers she re-worded the question to help to jog my memory.


Hope this helps.

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