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Theorists Needed Please


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Hi there


On my first year of FD and struggling to find any theory/references on language development through using musical instruments.


Can any kind person put me on the right track.


thank you :)

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we recently had training on using a sound beam. I've not used it yet but we were shown a couple of examples of how it can be used to encourage communication in children with PMLD. I'm sorry I've not got any more info or references but it might be another idea to search for if you want to look at very early language/ communication development

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Thank you so much HappyMaz. The link you gave is just what i have been searching for for the past two days!

Now I can finally complete my play and creativity assignment!


thank you again! :oxD

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Howard Gardner comes to mind also. Multiple intelligence theory.


I hope this helps


AM x

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Howard Gardner 1943 ~ How children learn ~ Linda Pound~ 2005~ page 63-66


Linguistic intelligence

logical~mathematical intelligence


Spatial intelligence

Naturalist intelegence


Musical intelligence~ Gardner suggests that this intelligence: is the earliest to detect, captures the spirit of emotions, has links to our evolution, there are many with unusual talent, like other intelligences it does not stand alone. A musician needs more musical intelligence~ he or she may need spatial intelligence and bodily kinaesthetic intelligence and particularly interpersonal intelligence.


Theory linked to musical intelligence not musical instruments........sorry if I have got it wrong!



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Guest TinklePrincess

Dearie me!!


I could have done with this thread last week before handing my dissertation in!!

There's so much more I could have said...


OP, I would send you my reference list but I think it would be irrelevent now!!

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