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Hi Ruth -

Have you read our article on preparing for an Early Years interview? It has a number of ideas on questions, as well as how best to prepare yourself - might be of use. You can find it here.


Best of luck for it! :D

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You could ask what opportunities they offer, the future, for your own professional development.


Good luck.



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I am applying for a nursery teaching position, I'm just trying to think forward to the interview, if it gets that far, from reading the job description, and I think the buzz words are going to be:


English as a second language


Equal Opportunities


EAL - I will mention things about valuing first language, providing dual language texts, lots of visual props / story aids,

Equal opportunities - well, will mention positive (but not token) images around classroom, celebrating and valuing different cultures and events, making classroom accessible....

SEN - not sure of the 'right' responses to this question


any ideas welcomed...

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