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39 Occupational Standards

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Hi folks, I am on my last assignment of year 1 of the foundation degree. The time has flown by. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the 39 occupational standards. I need to put something about them into the essay. I have looked at the CWDC site but just wondered how they are used in practise. Are they just a training marker or something else. PLease help as I need to get my head round what they are actually used for. many thanks in advance

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Are you talking about the 39 standards for an Early Years Professional -thats the list on the CWDC site, they are the things you have to achieve /cover whilst working towards the EYP status, both in your tasks and activties etc you do at your setting, and some will be covered as part of the Gateway review and the setting visit . Hope that helps ? :o

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