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'playgrounds' As A Planning Topic In Yn


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Hi everyone!


I work in Nursery in a Primary School and I've been given the topic of 'Playgrounds' for the next half term. It's not a topic I have come across before and I'm really struggling as to how to tackle it :o Nursery has quite a large outside area which is part grass and part safety surface but not canopied. Does anyone have any suggestions pleaseeeeee ?


Thank you

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Hi and welcome mummycat, not sure if you have to cover a particular area of DM, but after discussions with the children i would look at large physical games with no equipment. like whats the time Mr Wolf, duck duck goose, corners, then add games with equipment such as hopscotch, bean bag throwing into hoops anything for PSRN.

Den making, discuss protection from the sun.

Playground rules, can the children devise some.

Lots of opportunities for treasure hunts, hide the teddy,

Maybe KUW bug hunting, make binoculars, large ears[ letters and sounds] what can they hear outside.

Mark-making with large rolls of paper [looking at their surroundings to draw, colour], painting footprints, water play using guttering, pipes, sand.

Make a outside theatre, use of puppets, make puppets, musical instruments, make your own.

Storytelling corner.

Kite making.


Planting, growing, caring of vegetables, fruits really good to do this time of year, then eat them.

The list is endless really, do you have to note it all down or just a starting point, we tend to go with the children's interest so plan day to day, week to week.

Not sure this is of any help at all, but good luck it sounds like a lovely thing to be part of. :o

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Our topic is 'Round and round our garden' . Its planned from the childrens interests and we brainstormed/mind mapped with them before we broke up. Most of what they mentioned bridger has listed but ours were really keen on washing! so planning car washes and baby clothes washing. Playground equipment was a biggy so going to do some maps and planning. I'm keen to set up a 'theatre' in a corner with a set of curtains and tree stumps for seats.Because its only a 4 week half term we're going to start with all the growing stuff in the hope there will be some 'action' in 4 weeks.

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